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Paradisia – History Made

‘I won’t be quiet for anyone’ is the first line from PARADISIA’s single ‘History Made’. It’s such a palpable start to a beautifully sung and played single. The song evokes all of the goodness that exists and offered from such r&b/pop exercise. The group is delectable in this single, as they carve out deeper and deeper into the heart of the matter. Anna, Kristy and Sophie-Rose bring contemporary decadence and emotionally fulfilling gifts to our lives with ‘History Made’. After leaving their label, the ladies continue to make their mark under their own imprint. Exuberant confidence, delicately coat the harmonies of the trio. And as winter turns into warmth, the seasons impeccably dowse you with feelings of renewal and energy. ‘History Made’ is one of those that add so much to your daily life, as it conjures up the notions of that exact do-over that we seek so much.

ELKI – Nightmare

ELKI is one of a kind. Pop? Bubblegum? Folk? Downright exquisite? All of the above. The Sydney based artist creates songs that are in the realm of Kate Bush, but has a distinctive tongue-in-cheek beauty of ELKI. “I wrote a large chunk of ‘Nightmare’ in my sleep and woke up with the opening verse fully formed.” She explains further that writing comes out of daydreaming and switching off the phone, getting into a subconscious state and tuning out. I think that’s where ‘Nightmare’ came from – my brain looking for a way to express all those pent up ideas. If I haven’t been tweaking a melody, scribbling a lyric, or re-recording a demo, I feel like it’s a day wasted. That’s why I’m a firm believer in turning the technology off and doing your own thing.” ELKI does this all of the time. With inquisitive haunts of delicious hooks and offerings of earworm-worthy sonic visions, the gal with the ideas can be relied upon to come with the goods. And she does. The ELKI way.

The Dumes – GWTC

“‘GWTC’ was inspired by a period of my life when I thought I was totally losing myself but I actually ended up finding myself,” remembered vocalist Elodie Tomlinson. The artist known under her moniker, THE DUMES, casts a long shadow into her past and present, in an effort to dig into the harshness and of the unthinkable. Relationships, with herself and with others, have and will crumble, again and again. But through her music and a song like ‘GWTC’, she finds herself and heals – pulling together again the fractured porcelain that helped her delicate heart from the imminent world. Powerful vocals produce irreconcilable memoranda that helps us understand, just a little bit, of what Elodie had gone through. From anguish and triumphant victory, ‘GWTC’ delivers with palpable build that explodes with positivity. Will never forget the tragic challenges. Will never forget the ultimate salvation.

Swsh – Think Of You

Mujtaba Saeed (Bangzy) and Gabriel Newcombe (Adeus) are SWSH. The duo’s latest ‘Think Of You’ is produced to convey alternative r&b/electro-pop sensibilities that are as at ease in a pop song environment, as in an rock scene. In 2016, the two formed SWSH. They released their debut single ‘SUS’ in 2018, and ever since have been driving hard to offer such delicious tones of color, as they’ve done in ‘Think Of You’. The inclination is to run towards the impending dangers of the sun. Its glow of magnitude and power, draws you into its deadly wrath of explosions. But just like the sun, Mujtaba and Gabriel’s combination of beats and decadent singing, give life, to whomever it comes in touch with. A contrast within a contrast, of being and of the ultimate sacrifice in trying to preserve and react to the world that we live. ‘Thinking Of You’ delivers with accountable dexterity and subtle nuance that makes you want to sway and dance with the one who will make you happy. Right now.

Cody Smiles – Better Without You

Originally from Atlanta, CODY SMILES is a music producer who has much sunshine to offer. And he’s found out that he can do this with his songs. Songs that greets with a big salutation, and hugs with ample gratitude, the satisfaction derived is pure and heartfelt. The urgency in where and how Cody wants to achieve his musical goals, is strewn across the valley of his words and via his delivery of them. The palpable ambitions recollect where he has been, while knowing that the future unknown is right where he needs to be. The strident student at MTSU (Nashville) debuted his single ‘Better Without You’ underpinning the song with nostalgia, in pop-rock form. His emotive vocals consent to our ears, with delicate prose and gathers its gumption in love, fright, excitement and trepidation. Tinge of it all, funnel down to the blood sweat and tears that define a character. Cody shines.


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