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Parallelephants Shares ‘Air’. “Slow dance to our hearts’ content. Let’s start again…”

Thomie is the mind and heart of the operation named PARALLELEPHANTS. A seductive, pop culture of a project, it selectively counters with r&b harmonies and representations to clamor over your hidden desires with palpable hymns and musical potions.

‘Air’ is the latest in that endeavor as Thomie and gang, makes ‘light’ of the fact that we are all animals living and breathing for comfort and mental nourishments. The world is a happening but harsh place, and with it comes personal responsibilities to thwart those nay-sayers and negativities.

The fun is in the r&b/soul tinge coming off of the production. And with it, it keeps us in tune and interested to keep on listening.

Why not have PARALLELEPHANTS be our companion on this harsh trek through life, right?


So let’s slow dance to our hearts’ content. Let’s start again.



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