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Parcels – Overnight

Parcels’ Overnight brings the ‘feel’ with delectable chops and with Daft Punk as the song’s producer, it hits the spot. You know. That danceable decadent – ‘I feel guilty’ – kind of spot.

And why not? Right?

We all have ‘secret’ guilty pleasures. Parcels now is added to our part of the brain that loves it, but pretends not to.

When listening to their other offerings, Parcels is a legit pop output extraordinaire, living its existence in the live band mecca, unlike the digital universe their song producer, Daft Punk does.

Or do they?

Are these exclusive? Is this a sin? Is this allowed?

Heck yea, it’s allowed!

It’s song making, man! Anything’s allowed!

And absolutely, it isn’t a sin. It’s a formula, it’s what Parcels can offer its followers and fans.

It’s fun-tastic music! Remember that!

Ok, enough preaching.

We dig that about Parcels. It’s pop, it’s serene, it’s sexy (in its own way), and it’s accessible.

‘Nuff said.

They’re rep’ed by Kitsuné, a fab French/Japanese electronica and clothing label. Check ’em both out!



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