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Pardans Share ‘(Hookers with) Hidden Depths’. Follow The Rainbow. Unless It’s Broken In The Middle.

Excitement. It’s a mark of ‘excellence’. Right? We think so. And when you listen to the PARDANS, you can feel it – the ‘excitement’ of what it would be like to listen to them live; to listen to them on stage; to listen to them right in front of you, up front and close.

Look, listen to ‘(Hookers with) Hidden Depths’ and its lyrics the first thins is the conviction of what is being spoken of. Then you are left there suddenly in that hospital white bathroom with the old Victorian age bath-tub, naked and trembling.

The odd and ‘marching’ aspects of this particular single, brings about some kind of virtual ‘pinched neck’ effect, where we felt like we were transported into some time vortex where we were running around in the 1800’s, knowing nothing but to scream: “Why are we in the 1800’s and we’re running around in the streets!!”

Ridiculous scenario? Yes. But possible? No. It isn’t possible.

However, in our minds – our individual minds, we can cope with this transactional impulse, utilizing this weird human factor from this single, transposing our will into the ether.

Twisted description of a twisted post-punk delineation is suitable and warranted.

This single is fabulous and will kill you in your sleep, if not careful. Don’t let the ‘infection’ take hold. Embrace it. Own it.

PARDAN’s new album ‘Spit And Image’ is a 13 track offering that will drop October 5th.

“Spit and Image revolves around dirty deeds and wishful thinking of adolescence” explains Gustav Berntsen (lead vocals). “I think it contains some quite dramatic characters, some in and out of love, some of privilege, lacking integrity, some on the edge of moral decline appearing as depraved monsters overwhelmed by debauchery; some insecure about their skin, some learning about intimacy and trust, to love and respect by the guiding hand of a patient partner. Some are frustrated with the current state of our world making sail for a better place, leaving their peers behind. They hold their breath collectively, while some dance with rapture.”


The band consists of: Gustav Berntsen, Oskar Dinesen, Rasmus Hastrup, Patrick Rathbun, and Daniel Honore. Rasmus Skovmose contributes on guitar for ‘Spit & Image’.



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