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Pardans Shares ‘Burning House Bedding’. “Diesel Powered Forest Cutter-Upper.”

The guys in PARDANS look normal. But when you listen to their music, where you realize that they are ‘normally odd’ and ‘so very talented’ at the same time. Another example of their skillz is this single ‘Burning House Bedding’. Jazzy, progressive, pop, rock, dramatic, punk – it’s a jungle out there, and you need this song to cut through that thick forest.

Electric shaver? Nope.

One blade shaver? Nope.

Three blade shaver? Nope.

Diesel powered forest cutter-upper?? Yep.

But with the swivel chair and steering wheel, in the standard package. That will sell it for sure.

And what does that have to do with this new single from PARDANS?

Nothing. Well, everything.

‘Burn House Bedding’ is, to us at CHF, a song that is a demo for their musical powers. Nay. Even greater – their powers of interpretations of their footprint, the imaginations to carry forth their plans, and the invigorating energy they burn within their ‘sun like’ nuclear plants.

If this song doesn’t help you understand where the gang comes from and is headed. You’re looking at the wrong places.

Listen. Absorb.

It’s good stuff.

Yes. We at CHF don’t make sense sometimes. But PARDANS’ music sure does. And you should dig it for what they bring to the table of conversations.



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