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Pari∀h shares New single ‘Who Am I Going To Talk To Everyday’. New EP ‘Family Witchcraft Attack’ announced.

‘Who Am I Going To Talk To Everyday’ is the first new single off of Pari∀h’s upcoming EP ‘Family Witchcraft Attack’ due to drop March 23, 2018. And in this episode, the King and Queen of oddities and weirdness describe for us the order of disorder in mind and bodily malfunctions. Loneliness has its benefits, but very, very little, TBH.


It’s been a long whiles since the last EP drop of ‘Passed Lives’ Excessive Future’, but sounds literally, promising.

As we were saying, ‘Loneliness has its benefits’, but it’s a very slim reason to keep doing it. It grinds you down, it makes you think about things in weird ways, and after all, you want to talk to a person right? A human person.

We know. Sometimes talking with people is a messy business – but all good things come with the bad.

We just have to manage it better.

Pari∀h’s aesthetics is ‘Whip It Good’ pop art, with the nourishment of the finest in Caviar. Bit salty, but still sustainable. Oh and the songs might leave marks on your back – in a good way.


The new EP drops March 23, 2018.

Pariuh is the creative project of Chris Dougnac and Krystle Lee. They’re rep’ed by Moniker Records.



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