Paris death Hilton ‘metropolitan asshole’ : Generation of peculiar vision and demented exhaltance.

Paris Death Hilton

Edge to edge. Filled to the hilt, with the good stuff. Paris death Hilton is a Japanese experimental rock duo, first founded in 2016, and delivering romp of visceral excitement to their audience, ever since.

Maximal and outrageous, the pure and demonically fabulous wall of sounds, attack you image of what instrumental rock could be.

Composed of KUBA(Synth) and Ken Takahashi(Drums), through their first album ‘Age Of Death’ (out now), brings synth and drum play into another generation of peculiar vision and demented exhaltance.

The album ‘Age Of Death’ is a drum/bass, future-bass, synth-trance, and industrially game-ified, tsunami.


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