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Parisian producer CatCat Shares New Single ”Turquoise’ Featuring, Folk Singer Bobbie.

Parisian producer CatCat and folk singer Bobbie, pulled this single named ‘Turquoise’ and we felt like we were swimming in a stadium sized bath with emeralds as water. Glistening and brilliantly set, the vocals of Bobbie infatuates our sensibilities and extraordinarily wanted, then desired, then lusted for even more. The unobtrusive percussions and its play off of the vocals made this song delightfully flirtatious as a sun-dress on a beautiful woman.

Going up that mountain in the early morning hours, we peaked with our energies far reduced, and needing rejuvenation. The day was in the mid-summer, during the month of June. We were in love, you see, and we felt like we’d ever let go – physically and aesthetically. We felt we were in the perfect time of our lives. The sun looked so bright, and we had to be together forever.

Her smile made me melt. Her kind eyes made me feel so very at home. Her demure actions and strong convictions for the basics in life, of partner, of what it takes to be a relevant human being, made my heart skip a beat.

That mountain in the early morning hours, was a challenge. But we made it. Still in love. Still moving forward.

This off-beat new wave disco pop is a little joy on this work day.

Hope you enjoy it as well.

Feel the sunshine on your face. We sure did.


CatCat is rep’ed by Splinter Music, Paris.



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