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Parker Ainsworth Shares ‘American Miracle’. Right Down The Line. The Line Of Life.

Riding through the heartland, in an old vehicle of a decade past, we came across the border line of gas station and convenience store. The desert air was comparable to the steaming hot dumpling meal, we’d had the day before. The sun lit blue sky was unbearable to the naked eyes of our human being skulls.

Our hats stained with our toxic liquids pouring out of our skin, drenching and dressing what we really had become, in that moment of glory.

“A second of your time, Mister.” the tired old man said. “There’s a crawling spider and its friend the rattle snake on the tips of your leather boots.”

“Why yes, they are hanging out there. Loitering. Drinking suds.” I answered.

“Don’t you think they should be pushed away? They are not the ones you want out of this trip to the land of grapes.”

“Where are the grapes?”

“They’re there – off in the hills, up yonder.” stated the old man, with a dramatic squint.


The message of this single ‘American Miracle’ is clear. But dig a little deeper and it’s a larger, more macro kind of lesson to think about. And that is look towards yourself first, and become humble – just enough, so that we can hang out like the sky, the dry air, the spider, the snake, and our little leather boots.

We can live and get along for a common focus.

We can.

‘American Miracle’ by PARKER AINSWORTH is a kick-ass song and we dig it lots. You should too, for it’s what Americana and some ironic humor can add to this thing we call life.



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