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Parker // Vacation Forever // Ian Ferguson // Honey Power // Amo Amo

Parker – Astronauts

‘Astronauts’ is the first single off of their 2nd EP. You’ve gotten the one thing that you’d been dreaming of and wishing for. She is the apple of your eyes. You will do anything for her. You are enamored with her wit, charm, and everything. You’ve been in love with her from the first time. So, what’s next? What will you do to keep her? Don’t walk away from your inner frailties. It is your time to expose your strength and conviction. Fight for what you need to protect. Protect her.

Vacation Forever – True Romance

ZACHARIAS ZACHRISSON derives his inspirations from the essence of his being. A glow of environment that shimmers out of necessity, is richly coincided by the notions of love and possibility of showing hate. It’s a selfish hate, possibly diluted by the warmth of love. And in time, this meeting of the emotional minds, will happen. The first greeting of the once unintended contrasts, will embark our senses to a journey to the stars of a painting of your inner synopsis. VACATION FOREVER is a solo project and Zacharias (along with Jeff Bhasker) is open to interpretation to a new and wholly dedication to that love unrequited. The beauty is in the underlying undulations. Hold tight.

Ian Ferguson – I Do Not Mind

“I Do Not Mind” is a song about spending time with someone you’re really excited to spend time with…” IAN FERGUSON stated about the single. It’s the absurdity of it all, in some sense. What do we do to ourselves with a new lover potential? It’s what we do all the time, which is predictable and never out of style. But it’s what we animals do when impressed and trying to impress another. Our confidence is high. Check. Our life seems a bit more brighter. Check. Gosh, she’s so pretty. Double check. ‘I Do Not Mind’ is a Beatles-esque escapade of explanations, a la Ian Ferguson, which lets you not feel guilty about what you want to do. Just go for it, and lets laugh a little along the way.

Honey Power – Era of Posts

Kyle Kopp and Cicely Smith makes up the duo of HONEY POWER. A dollop of honey in a hot tea mix is sometimes all that you need to get through that rough patch of the day. Can that kind of panacea be applied to the rest of the year? We can hope. But for now, we have the hazy/drizzly compositions of Kyle and Cicely to quench our sweet tooth, shielding our sensibilities from the ravages of possible decay of the heart. We fall in love, while listening to the last morsels of a relationship, tethered to misconceptions and misjudged optimisms. It’s who we are. Get into HONEY POWER.

Amo Amo – Closer To You

AMO AMO is a group of dear friends, which recollects life’s emotional ambitions, spilling it in music form on the floor of the venue in our hearts. Rigors of life, comes down to the TV dinners that lie still, in front of the flashing flat screen, yelling of better possible days. That would happen if she was here with you. If he was next to you. Announcing the love that befell, just a bit too late, and damning – we out ourselves in desperation, screaming inside of the discount in life, we’d exchanged for the refurbished computer. She was it. He was mine…until.


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