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Parliament Cat – That Good Shit

Parliament Cat is an electronic solo band formed in 2019 by producer and songwriter Douglas Guerra. He stated: “What began as a late night creative outlet for him, as a full-time video editor and former band geek, soon became a musical awakening and full-fledged project.” Synth-pop, rock opera, and new wave with soaring vocals, confessional lyrics, melody-driven compositions – a theatrical absolution, that demands a thinking darkness of your soul. ‘That Good Shit’ is one of those singles that drives a nostalgic restitution to the already shaking and quaking emotion. There’s something beyond the plains. There are more things un-seen beyond that horizon. Why are you not going. Moving. Working to gain that emphasis in life? Why just ‘here’? Doug is Brooklyn based. He cares about sound and what it’s there to do for the listener. Get in. We dare you.

Ellen Krauss – Criminal To Love

’Criminal to Love’ is about unfair love,” said Ellen Krauss. “You know that feeling when you give more than you get. I think a lot about why we often get attracted to people who are not good for us. The heart always seems to get its way in the end. It’s weird. Destructive love is strangely attractive and before you know it you are in the middle of it.” The outspoken 19 year old pop songstress’ lyrics are delicately layered, with tinges of the underlying ‘monster’ that keeps us all cooped up in our detriments. Rightly described through her manically strident vocals of solace, the ode to stolen hearts and unrequited penance from the Universe, ‘Criminal To Love’ is a de-facto call-to-arms and an anthem to the return to sanity. Ellen will be releasing more music throughout the year, with her first EP currently in the works. She made her U.S. live debut recently in Los Angeles at the Hotel Café. This summer Ellen opened up for Laleh reaching over 5,000 people and also performed at Way Out West! Keep up with Ellen on her socials for more music, touring updates, and additional exciting news to be announced.

kurtbordeaux – Isness

After years of incubation in the London and NYC underground music scenes as a musician, producer, mixer and multi-instrumentalist working with the likes of Luna, Sonic Youth, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Rufus Wainwright, Superchunk, Melt, The Strokes, Suicide, Hefner, Mogwai. God Speed You Black Emperor… to name just a few… kurtbordeaux has finally produced his first solo album. “Fuck it…I’ll just do it myself!” That was kurtbordeaux’s moment of ambition for the next chapter in his musical life. We’re glad that he did. As the eclectic rain pours down on you from ‘Isness’ you start to feel the warm and coaxing slide of what it’s like to feel that first Spring sunshine on your face. A walk of interpreting times and spacial gratitudes, radiate with amber glow with every vocal expression by the artist. FYI: it’s a good thing.

WILD – I Believe In Us

“I Believe In Us was written with two members of The Mowgli’s after a conversation about how the generation behind us is so impressive, very wise and progressive. We have so much anxiety about where the world is heading but we also have so much hope for the people growing up right now. We feel like in casual conversation we’re constantly putting down the generation before or after us, but the truth is we’re all making the same mistakes and going through the same trials over and over again; just in new ways. If we could break down our generational walls that we put up we could progress even further. This song is a “call to arms”, so to speak, confronting us to stop being controlled by fear and judgement and just believe in all of us!” Lauren Luiz, Tyler Thompson, and Zach Daegatano make up the project WILD. To date, WILD has over 500,000 listeners a month and over 20 million combined streams on Spotify alone having only released singles to date. In the past two years, they have played SXSW twice, performed on the Main Stage at Bottlerock Festival in Napa, CA, opened for The Spill Canvas on a national tour and played numerous local shows and festivals around Los Angeles.

Billy Hammer – The End

“This song was inspired by graduating college and moving on to the next chapter of my life. It captures the poignancy of one door closing while another opens – the bitter sweet taste of change. When you reach The End, life goes on. The song was written, recorded and produced by myself, using Ableton, my electric guitar, my synthesizer, and my voice.” Right. That is what we all go through in our short existence. The effort to find out the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of our purpose for breathing. Guess we’re the only species to date that can do this. Is it a positive that we can? Overwhelmingly yes. But sometimes, even if we grow to be invincible from tacky thoughts of such ilk, we do crumble a bit at time – in our most vulnerable. It’s no secret. But it sure is done in-secret. Billy Hammer knows this and recognizes the challenges. We think he’s successfully found his voice in his songs. Delicately produced, and marked in excellence, Billy’s single ‘The End’ is about the end of that episode that have made you go nuts. Now on to the next. You can do this.


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