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Parlors // Hallan // November Stories // Apollo Rising // Madeleine Kelson

Parlors – Glass Bricks

Matt Fullam and younger brother Dan Fullam, drive this contest of rock and rhythmic project named PARLORS. The indie-rock beseeching and ravenous articulation of Matt’s songwriting attacks with gentle riffs of delight. ‘Glass Bricks’ attacks with a hint of becoming and gentlemanly pronouncements. Old fashioned punk, with modern rock ritualization, the riffs keep on coming and the smiles keep on smilin’. And there’s nothing else that you need to feel, for honesty in such a single, gets the blood pumping and lubricating the joints. Feel the blues-rock you deserve. The band is completed with Matt DaSilva and Hart Mechlin, and it just rocks like there’s no tomorrow.

Hallan – Fish Frenzy

Will we survive this world? Will we survive this place that we call our ‘home’? Will you be there with me to thrive? ‘Fish Frenzy’ from HALLAN, rocks out to the thought of loyalties of the heart and what the world will look like the next day. Being despised, comes in variety of forms, but manifests in the same way within ourselves. Born out of Portsmouth, HALLAN derives its energy for lyrics and musical expression through their experiences and unfettered conquest of those in the past. The future is brighter, and in this post-punk delicacy, the band knows ‘haters will hate’. But there’s nothing they can do to quell the moving ambitions of a beating heart.

November Stories – Fifteen Minutes

Don’t fret. The ‘Fifteen Minutes’ that you sought for a lifetime, is just underneath your nose. She’s there for you. He’s there to be yours. At one minute, your future outlook and plans can change. NOVEMBER STORIES’ poignant rendition of determination, hope, reasons, hesitation, and utter need to accept, is described with beautiful effect. Your heart fills with the notion of forgiveness – for your inner being – receiving the ultimate permission to live forward. ‘Fifteen Minutes’ is a cinematic power-house of a single, seamlessly putting together the collage of the mind, longing for a truth, that may or may not exist. But that self-investigation must go on. There’s no turning back. The Stockholm based band is here for you.

Apollo Rising – Fool’s Gold

Unique is right. APOLLO RISING’s single ‘Fool’s Gold’ and its accompanying video is as sticky as glue, with petulant description of emotional demolitions. The yearning for a future of impending crash of glass and shield, is driven home by the synth driven alt-rock rendition, with fraught expertise. The hook is the whole song, as it holds your hand in a galactic shimmer of dark-shadows and inner reciprocity of contrasts. And oh, the contrasts emerge, oozing and unfathomable. This well is deep, and ‘Fool’s Gold’ opens up the line to the possibilities. APOLLO RISING consists of Danick Coutu and Colvin Gallant.

Madeleine Kelson – Siren

MADELEINE KELSON’s single ‘Siren’ casts a cloud of expectations for the stranger who lies within. And from the first chord, the intentions are clear in this Americana rendition for the hurt and damaged. The 21 year old Chicagoan (based in Nashville) tackles the silence of a personal struggle, within all of us, delegating the weight of onward progression. We don’t really know where we will be, but it’s a requisite to try and get there. ‘Siren’ dives deep into our psyche of undetermined emotional buckets, and asks what we can do to fill them. ‘Siren’ is the title track off of her newest EP, which is available now.


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