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Parsnip – Health

On November 10th, Parsnip debuted their new self titled EP and it’s glorious. ‘Health’ is their first single from their first EP and it’s a quick paced pecking at your neck, 60’s drizzle of flavorful ‘chaos punk’ attitude.

They’ve been together for just over a year, as their PR paragraphs indicate, but seem to us that the chemistry is obvious. And when witnessing through this looking-glass called ‘Health’, on might be impressed.

The style is reminiscent of many Japanese ‘nu punk / chaos punk’ girl bands (a genre that always pushes the envelope), but at the edges, the harshness is softer.

Don’t get us wrong, Parsnip is 60’s rock n’ roll cometh-again, with rapturous guitar and drumming work. It’s a joy to listen to, and calms our souls.


Peck, peck, peck.
Heave, heave, heave.
Roll, roll, roll.
Scan, scan, scan.

Diabolic in presentation, we succumb.

Chip, chip, chip.
Tick, tick, tick
Sack, sack, sack.
Jab, jab, jab.

A thousand ways to kill, do it slowly.

The ladies are fab. And we can imagine how they would be witnessed live.

The suit of uncaring, bludgeoning honesty could be seen. However, it’s the entertainment details that is bright and shining with Parsnip.

It’s a lo-fi band, made for the stage.

Kudos, ladies. Kudos.

Parsnip is rep’ed by Anti Fade Records, working out of Geelong Australia.



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