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Partials – Man Made Machine

“Incantation”. Webster Dictionary defines it as: “a use of spells or verbal charms spoken or sung as a part of a ritual of magic; also : a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect”. That’s what Partials’ Man Made Machine is. What the devil!?! Yep. Keep saying it. Work your magic. And dance the night away, will ya!

They describe themselves as a group that is continuing the ‘tradition[s] of [groups like] Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem’.

We can’t argue with that.

The dance driven focus of the beats and ‘chants’, is a incandescent glow stick inches from your face, reminding that there exists such peace in monastery-like idiosyncrasies and musical sensibilities. Hence, ‘Glossolalia’ (the upcoming album’s title) – which is ‘speaking in tongues’.

How apt.

Like any artist (or group of artists) manipulating sounds, combinations, accelerations of air-waves is what they do. The after effect is enjoyment and entertainment of the masses.

And we think, if one is into such progressive ratcheting of musical note hymns, Partials is the place to sit and have a slice of pizza.

For sometimes, it’s awesome to chill, dance, and bob-your-head (even if it’s at your desk at work).

The band consists of: Alex Eversbusch (drums), Dane Walsh (keys), Thomas Bailey (bass), Adriana Thomas (vocals), Ian Edwards (guitar), and Jeff Porter (guitar).

“People who speak in tongues believe it indicates the touch of the creator,” says Partials bass player, Thomas Bailey. “…We wanted to explore how that relates to humanity…”

Kudos, Partials. Kudos.

Because you all got us to chill and at the same time excited. And as they say, those two feelings are contrasts, and we at CHF is ALL ABOUT contrasts.

They’re rep’ed by True Blue Records.

New album ‘Glossolalia ‘ drops April 6th.



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