Participant ‘Oh No, Give Up’ : Nourishment to go on. Let the past re-plant your future.


Trepidation and subtlety is where Participant’s music (Stephen Tiernan) decides at this moment in time to reside and procure. The meanings of life, in an industrial and the local – cast iron promises of what it was supposed to be, broken and now lying on the concrete floor of a personal betrayal. Now, that soul, relegated to picking up the pieces, mightily feeling alone.

Stephen doesn’t want that to be the case in ‘Oh No, Give Up’. It’s a song that tries to give solace and warmth to “never doing so”. Because, like for himself, there is nothing out there to engage, if you ever do give up. There’s more for one human being to be and to try – again, then yet again.

“When I finished the song and started planning the release, I had no idea of the circumstances we’d be living in now,” said Participant. “The title and chorus lyrics, intended as an overly dramatic warning to myself, an attempt to breathe levity into other moments, now seem to re-contextualize the song as a whole. This was not my intent, but I feel I have to acknowledge it. I had considered renaming it or tweaking the lyrics or maybe moving the release, but I feel that would have defeated the purpose of the song.”

The songwriter and producer from Dublin, Ireland, has experimented with ambient textures, sampling and live instrumentation across 3 EP’s and several singles. He now finds himself stripping back the layers and demonstrating a more nuanced and immediate approach to his songwriting.

‘Oh No, Give Up’ is gentle, understanding, and beautifully crafted. A sight in audible elegance.


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