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Party Nails Shares ‘My 404’. “Heart Beat. Beating Away.”

PARTY NAILS is L.A.’s Elana Belle Carroll. The pop songstress, writer, and producer is odd, angular, supple, and unobtrusive in her songs. Her delivery is subtle, with pinches of rock, with a healthy dose of pop and sex-appeal. That is demonstrated constructively in her single ‘My 404’.

Don’t get us wrong. She’s ALL pop.

But there’s always a reason why pure pop artists get on CHF.

And that’s because they bring something that we can grasp, and elements within that particular song that tightens the rubber band around our necks, pulling, and cajoling us into asphyxiation-like pause.

‘My 404’ is a ‘constant’. No highs, no lows. No mountains, no Mariana Trench.

But it’s ‘a heart beat’, beating away.



Beckoning questions of another. A match of sex, appeal, animalistic attraction.

It’s what we all do silently when we desire our match, no?

“On this album, I really tried to achieve a blend of SZA and Robyn, with bittersweet writing, some dance vibes, some sad vibes and a very real and raw anti-diva singing them. I wanted to create an album of memorable songs that landed all across the spectrum of alternative pop. I wanted it to feel fresh, but not too trendy”.

‘Past Lives and Paychecks’ is scheduled to drop in fall of 2018.



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