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Party Nails // The Hyde // William Bolton // Beach of Diamonds // Asa Rivera

Asa Rivera – Withdrawals

ASA RIVERA is a indie artist doing his thing of extreme beauty from the city of Grand Prairie, Texas. The beauty comes about from the lyrical work of his outputs, like ‘Withdrawals’. In fact in his latest EP ‘Some Assembly Required’, the strand of links, attending to the inklings of manicured emotions, comes to the fore with impact and under-stated strength of conviction. The familiar but oddly un-familiar key work in this single, demonstrates the darkened gravity in his expositions. He reveals and opens up his chest of secrets.

Party Nails – Never Look Again

PARTY NAILS’ ‘Never Look Again’ kicks it in to high gear immediately with pop aesthetics and dance beats, with a message of hope slivered in the slices of positives. With delicate signatures that proudly vibe, the single races towards a better place, after love is lost and regained again. “I focused on bittersweet songwriting set to dance vibes,” she explained of her creative process. “As a singer, I really wanted to push myself to the edge of my sanity with each vocal take. Ultimately my goal was to create an album of memorable songs that land across the spectrum of alternative pop.” Word.

The Hyde – Half Past Nine

‘Half Past 9’ plays off of the notion that we’re individuals who are trying to do our best for the deck of cards that we’d been dealt. And in these exciting times, we have social media and the good / the bad. “’Half Past 9’ is about how people use social media to spin lies, leave false trails and play with people’s feelings,” explains frontman Charlie Beck. “It’s about thinking you know someone when you’re with them, yet online they are telling a different story about you.” Like any technology, it amplifies our human limitations, faults, expertise, ignorances. That’s why this part of the 21st century is so fun sometimes, right? The sweet with the sour, makes good balance. Well, at least that’s the theory. THE HYDE consists of Charley Beck, Danny Beaumont, and Harry Lindley who will be playing The Lending Room (Leeds) on December 3rd.

William Bolton – Still Love Me

Hasn’t really worked before. You know. Can a girlfriend or boyfriend really change the style of dress or how they present themselves in the public, successfully? It’s aesthetics, but it’s based in their DNA makeup, no? Well, it’s never work for us at CHF, and probably don’t succeed too much in the world out there, either. Certainly WILLIAM BOLTON’s experience with his former girlfriend resulted the same way: “I used to have a girlfriend who was a Broadway singer/actress. I used to go visit her on tour and see her perform. I always dressed in these crazy outfits (i have a unique fashion sense) and she always wished I “dressed nice” like the other guys in the audience. This song is about asking a lover to look past all of your shortcomings and love you flaws and all. Because that’s the best kind of love.” It’s hard to change someone without bashing their self-esteem. Sometimes it just becomes a point of impasse.

Beach of Diamonds – Honest

BEACH OF DIAMONDS’ single ‘Honest’ is about the costs of being honest. Yes. There are costs (and rewards) to being honest. It’s up to you to determine what side of the ‘dark-side’ you want to skateboard on. “Nowadays honesty is an important topic, not only towards your loved ones, the sad lacking of it from state, government officials and from person to person in general.” So true. With rock sensibilities, the band takes their notes with the message of hope and possible turn-around in the state of world affairs. But no fear gents, human existence has one thing going for it and the cyclical trend seeking animals that we are, we’ll get back to ‘middle-norm’. Cross our fingers? The Norway based band although relatively new band it still wields huge ambitions. Michael Markussen and Sondre L. Paulsen make up this conscious music project. Let’s ride.


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