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partywithray – DIrty

Original. Thrusting. That’s what ‘DIrty’ is all about. The raunchy decadence drips off of this EDM offering like there’s no tomorrow. Instilled in the dynamic percussions, synth highlights, and indelible raucous hooks, partywithray’s single is one of his crowing achievements. A step to glory, is an deeply rooted assertions of this single, and with it, we spy out what the future might look like.

John Lynx – Everything You Need (feat. Mickey Shiloh)

JOHN LYNX’ production, ‘Everything You Need’ shines from sea to shining sea. It shimmers as Mickey Shiloh’s vocals does its thing that it does so well. Build, build, build a skyscraper of music. Drop like a ton of fun, and you’re where you’d always wanted to be – again, and again. Life can be fun. With ‘Everything You Need’, it can be more. Love is love, and it’s a good time to look forward. Together, hand in hand. This was mixed and mastered by Nick Romero.

salute – JTS

Late to the party? Never. At least with salute, in the house. You’re welcome to the heat. You’re welcome to the goodness of dance. You’re welcome to feel good. ‘JTS’ is that conduit, and it has zero apologies to give. “’JTS’ was my attempt at recreating the kind of music that got me into the UK electronic scene in the first place,” stated salute. “To me, 2012 stands as being one of the most exciting years in the history of bass music (SBTRKT, Joy O, James Blake, Mount Kimbie etc) so I’ve been trying to bring that sound bit by bit. Fun, simple 2-step music.” Austria based Felix Nyajo is the project, salute, and since 2016, he’s been in the scene like crazy. And we should keep it that way.

Phantoms – Designs For You

Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola are PHANTOMS, and they sure know how to get us to groove. ‘Designs For You’ encompasses the right ingredients of ecstatic ambivalence and the right amount of enthusiasm for what moves you. Phantoms stated: “We wanted to make a track that you would play to wake up and rally when everyone you’re with is trying to sleep. It’s one of our only fully instrumental tracks and we’ve been loving playing this one out.” Their upcoming new EP ‘Disconnect’ will drop May 10th, and there will be celebration in the streets, as the duo are making the rounds at festivals including: Ultra Music Festival, Phoenix Lights Festival, Magnolia, Spring Break 5, EDC Japan, Prime Music Festival, Paradiso Festival, Bonanza Campout Festival, and Dreams Music Festival. Word.

Miles & Miles – Lovers (feat. Max Moon)

Are you skipping to the beat yet? Are you dead?!? ‘Lovers’ is the work of MILES & MILES, a duo producer team from Hamburg, Germany. And when the words, and the notes comes into play in the palm of the project, the stars dance. The drop is prominent and never understated, and with ultra chic synth markings, the single shines as brightly as the sun. Couple of releases are planned for 2019, with an album slated for 2020. Max Moon contributes on this track with expert fortitude and excitement.


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