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PASSENGER Shares ‘To Be Free (Official Video)’. “Seeking. Going Forward.”

Sad, happy, content, un-easy, depressed, never-settled – all enveloped in a historical story telling of protagonists, going through life’s little challenges. Through it all, smiling and accepting the road they were strewn.

Getting stronger.

Always seeking.

Never stopping.

Not forgetting where they came from, nor where they wanted to go.

When we first head David Gray’s single ‘You’re The One I Love’ we kinda got the same kind of goosebumps we felt listening to PASSENGER’s ‘To Be Free’. The unique vocals add the scintillating accents to lyrics that are thoughtful, and instrumental arrangements that are perfect for the occasion.

Yes. There’s a reason why PASSENGER (Mike Rosenberg) is so popular.

And yes. You should be on board as well.

For life is the perfect pallet to paint it with a brush like PASSENGER, and seek the truth of your whole-self, and wants. You deserve that kind of life. You deserve this kind of delicious ballad.

His upcoming album ‘Runaway’ drops August 31st.



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