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Pastis’ Single ‘Amazon’. A full LP is due to drop in late 2018.

Brit-pop/rock. We love it. From the 60’s to the current modern forms. Many times when you listen to them, it is a ray of sunshine, brought down to the Earth’s living masses, for pure love, pure heart, and for pure enjoyment. It’s exciting, fresh, and always on par with the current times.

And that’s where PASTIS’ new single ‘Amazon’ sits.

The single deserves every bit of that praise. For it’s tight production and representation is fabulous and easy to love. And when you find out that the crew in the band is based out of Helsinki, Finland, it’s even tastier to dip into their musical sensibilities.

The group picked up their instruments in 2016, and never looked back. Writing original material, just like ‘Amazon’, and appealing to the audiences, who desire such freshness.

Their debut EP ‘Four Stories’ dropped in 2017. They were now ready to rock-forward.

‘Amazon’ is the first single release through their current handlers at Stupido Records. A full LP is due to drop in late 2018.


Can’t wait.



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