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Patawawa new EP ‘Bedroom’. Fresh. Funk. Get those knees movin’!

Patawawa just dropped ‘Bedroom’. The EP is a diabolically apt definition for hitting the notes of the 70’s disco and funk sensibilities. At the same time, it’s definitely different. The attitude is different. The execution is Indie-pop. It’s modern. It’s fresh, in its own right.

From the guitars, synth and flavoring by Rory Lovatt and Sam Wilmot, to the undeniable pop-funk sultriness of Beth Garnett’s vocals – extract and do fabulous omage – helping to evolve the building of such genres.

The band brushes upon such fantastic groups as: Odissey, Shalamar, Tawatha Agee, Pockets, and so forth. Of course it’s not funk from the 70’s, but the essence rubs off, meaning the band recognizes and puts their own take on the recipe, ultimately producing some compelling output.

‘Bedroom’, because of its diversity in genres and sound, is a CV of sorts. It demonstrates what the gang in Patawawa can do with their left arm tied behind their back, and eyes closed.

Yes. We all should be jealous.

We, at CHF, is surely jealous, because the band is super talented.

This song best describes what it’s kinda like to be in a funk band. However, with softer edges (supported by the vocals) it’s a modern and better digestible pop song for the soul. Beth’s vocals is dynamic and is awesome. No wonder it’s a fave of their fans.

Song For Sam
The closest to the synth/indie-pop sub-genre, it’s a sexy pronouncement on relationship and stumbling of thoughts and sentiments. After all, we’re human and we sometimes suck at evaluating summations on the significant other. ‘Song For Sam’ departs sharpest from funk and disco. But what a demonstration of departure, it is. Kind of reminds us of some parts of Trixie Whitley. Go figure.

The main character in this song are the beats. Dance you fool! Dance! Find that girl on the dance floor, make eye contact, and ‘tell’ her that you two were meant to be. Then try your best to dance well. But even if not, she’ll be impressed you tried.


‘Humpback’ we’d say is the closest to the electronica/house genre than anything else. It’s an infectious declaration by the band. Meaning, it sticks in their big flag, into that green and grassy steps, daring you Not to dance. You should though. Even if you can’t dance. Make an effort, we say. Just sayin’.

What You Want

Beth’s vocals come to the fore again, caressing your sensibilities, and beckoning you. It’s not really a fair fight, really. The uniqueness of the vocals is so recognizable. The arrangement is torturous bliss. The playful conversations between the conversations: the vocals VS. the guitars is decadent and so catchy.

Obviously, with this drenching of accolades, one can see we really Dig this band.

And lots.

Because of that, you should too. Well, at least consider. We can’t wait for a FULL album in the future, for we think the public deserves such an offering.

In the meantime, we assume they’ll continue kicking butt up and down Europe, simultaneously keeping up the top of the fave-charts on digital formats.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.

Anywho, Patawawa comes from Matlock, England. They kick convention, out the front Porch, with dynamic philosophies on making what they love. Jamming together Funk, House, Disco, Indie-Pop, and Jazz elements, it’s overwhelming to music techies. But for the rest of us, it’s just a joyful entertainment.

They’re rep’ed by Splinter Music, working out of Paris France.



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