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Patawawa // Pretty Archie // Harts // Ritzy Park // M.Rexen

Patawawa – Wires

The fabulous year for PATAWAWA just keeps on rolling on, and we don’t expect this momentum to slow down going into the 2019 season. The nu-disco funk outfit from the UK, just knows how to make the flavors of the day, stand out into the bright lights of the dancing streets. You know who knows how to put on a fabulous party? PATAWAWA. Do you know who puts on a delight for your secret dance party in your soul? PATAWAWA. The delightful ways of Rory Lovatt, Sam Wilmot and Beth Garrett, irresistibly construct singles you can’t deny. Willful ways of making you enjoy your day, is at the DNA of the band.

Pretty Archie – This Whole Town

Colin AP Gillis, Brian Cathcart, Matt McNeil, Redmond MacDougall and Scott MacLean make up PRETTY ARCHIE and this time they offer us an anthem of country that sticks to your ribs with honesty and faithfulness, we want to rely on for the future ahead of us. The emphatic effervescence of the single engages into high gear, as the driving vocals designing the tale of longing for the place your heart rests. The Sydney based band, wrote of ‘This Whole Town’: “[The song] is about falling in love in a town that needs some love…inspired by the people of our hometown Sydney (including ourselves) and the internal struggle of wondering if you’re in the right town, at the right time.”

Harts – Pearls (If You Are My Lady)

Darren Hart is HARTS, and he returns to us with ‘Pearls (If You Are My Lady)’, and he succeeds to get us all dancing with it. With rock guitar and keys nailing the emotions for the love of a lifetime, Darren’s artful talent for explaining the ethereal and subjective, continues to dig deep. The ecstasy of that moment of truth, that moment of eureka, and the moment for correct defiance comes to the fore. And we dig it so. Said Darren: “Throughout the process of writing this album, I was back and forth between Australia and the U.S. I went though a lot of changes in that two year period, both in my personal life and my music life.”

Ritzy Park – The Details

RITZY PARK is a Berlin based indie-rock band, which displays a uncanny trait of telling stories that hit the spots, unknown prior. With ‘The Details’, a song about ‘opening up to someone completely and letting the person you love get close’, we are there with the lyrics, in that moment, in that line of time. The portrait of being satisfied, and nervous at the same time is normal. The ultra goodness of the love possibilities, makes you fearful that this might not last, or that it’s just a dream. But like any other process, there’s not an iota of success, unless we try. We must try. We must let them in, when the moment is right. Hold on. RITZY PARK consists of: Karolina Beijer Brondén (22, Sweden), Elias Olivera Graversen (20, Denmark), Tristan Banks (21, England), Ylva Øyen Brandtsegg (23, Norway), and Per Tore Løberg Monstad (23, Norway).

M.Rexen – Henrï

Bewitching is how we’d describe M.REXEN’s single ‘Henrï’. At first the discombobulation is evident, and you’re enthralled at the sights and sounds of the distinguished gentlemanly acts of this single. Shingles dangling off of the roof, with shimmers of galactic stars, gyrating and colliding, the radical visions of the song collapses your normal notions for what a song can become. With the best traditions of David Bowie and David Byrne, the eclectic visage tackles you in a color of Red, temporarily blinding you with unalterable venting. This is a gem. M.REXEN will be in your neighborhood, soon. Be forewarned.


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