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PATH Play Four Songs In The Kitchen. A New Full Album On The Way. Arlene’s Grocery On January 18th.

PATH is a New Jersey based band who are on their way to a full LP, once more. The band is prolific in lyrical summations in faithful truths and brings beautifully picked guitar hymns in nostalgia of a sort that is unique and delightful.

‘Cynthia’ is a single that is at the forefront of this fabulous mix of surf-dream-pop rock tinged with the thoughts of lazily swaying palm trees in a glaring sunshine of your mind’s eye. It continues in their past singles as it just drives you insane with the kind of love that each of them promises. ‘Don’t Ever Love Me’, ‘Gracie’, and ‘Live In My Arms’ all build to present the whole of the picture perfect, silence of the world – when sometimes all you wanted was a love that seemed so close.

The exquisite talents of PATH needs to be heart.

The band is lead by Sam Keeler, and in 2019, they are already set for 6-to-10 tour dates in the region during the spring. This mini-tour includes NYC, DC and Philly, starting with a visit to Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan on January 18th.

The lovely video of 4 singles, that you are viewing shows the culmination of what is beneath this band’s philosophy on music making. The whimsical and strategically beautiful injections of country & folk, on layers of stories we can poignantly relate to, makes it a long journey of brilliance and light.

The light at the end of tunnel is just a bit brighter with PATH.



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