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Patient Hands – At Parting

Patient Hands is a project by artist Alex Stooshinoff. And in ‘At Parting’ simmering emotions percolate above the rim, externally calling..calling and calling. But no one turns around. No story book tale.

Alex is a composer. His work feels different. It feels oddly honest.

On his Facebook page, his intro proudly indicates of his Doukhobor heritage and how his connection to music helps him try to capture the sense of the ‘mystical’ or the ‘otherwise ineffable’.

Patricia walked that road, seemingly a thousand different times. But this time it was different. She felt it. She could sense the tingling in her knees.

Her knees told her many things. How the weather would be that day. How the birds would fly. Whether a large storm was on its way.

But today, her knees rang like a fire truck warning.

It hurt to a degree.

What should she do? What CAN she do?

She stood at the start of that road, slightly muddy but still strong as concrete.

She was afraid. It was so new.

She closed her eyes.

Alex lives and works in Montreal Canada, and we hope to hear from him more and more.

He’s rep’ed by FatCat Records in Brighton (UK) & Brooklyn (NYC).




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