Patient Lounge ‘BEGDA’ : Refreshing and of retro visions. Gratifying and urgently embraceable.

Patient Lounge

Offering a beautiful accost of progressive arrangements and classic riffs, the rolling undulations of ‘BEGDA’, begs you to rock like you’d always wanted.



‘BEGDA’ brings Patient Lounge back to their progressive rock roots, blending grooving, rolling rock riffs with a penchant for odd-time and exciting solo sections from every instrument.

From bass to vocals to guitar to drums, the anxiety is built upon layers of decadence, pursuing and thrusting like prodding insurgence of the mind.

The musical soul.

Steeped in metaphor and internal anguish, ‘BEGDA’ calls out the inner voice of ‘Resistance’ that holds us all back from achieving what we’re truly capable of.

Refreshing and of retro visions – ‘BEGDA’ is gratifying and urgently embraceable.

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