Patrick Barry ‘Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful)’ : You feel happy when you listen.

Yes. Let’s be happy.

Patrick Barry

You feel happy when you listen to Patrick Barry’s single ‘Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful)’. The very down-to-earth assemblage, to the, very cosmopolitan effervescence, Patrick’s honesty in story telling flows with no guardrails. The efforts to a dedication to the ‘vision’ of a man, a heart, a concept, is what this single is about. And it tickles your fancy with new and fascinating realizations to your own existence.

“This is my first release as a solo artist,” said Patrick, “It is the story of my grandfather who passed last year. I released it on 12/24, which would have been their 70th wedding anniversary. I know it is a personal song, but I believe that it has a universal appeal because I hope all of us have a positive and optimistic person in our life that makes everything wonderful.”

There’s no delusions in expecting every pothole in a life can be avoided. But it’s the coming up, and rising to the occasion to fulfill, invest, and protect the things and people that you love. It culminates in the basics of what makes this, sometimes, mysteriously curious life – worth embracing.

We can all do this.

Patrick attests to that notion.

He’s a ‘wonderful’ singer/songwriter, direct and comforting, in his latest.

Let’s be happy.

Barry is also the lead singer of the Barry Brothers (band) and owner/engineer/producer at Sea Leg Studios in Hume, NY.



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