Pattern Pusher ‘Crazy Enough’ : Inviting you to see the wholeness of the world.

Pattern Pusher

Wave your hand up in the air, just like you don’t care? Yes. That’s what ‘Crazy Enough’ is about in its vibe and attitude. But it also sits at the top of the cliff, inviting you to see the wholeness of the world. Vibrant and collective, Pattern Pusher’s unique take on music, pours out of this 80’s sugar pop frame, but with the modernity that clings.

“We squeezed an army of teens into our little Exeter studio, creating a raucous chorus suitable to holler from the stands at your preferred local sporting event,” said the band. “The song features loads of peculiar sounds, erratic synths and wayward glass bottles creating a twisted party vibe. To contrast this we got a smooth vocal from our friend Sadie Horler. She has also been performing around the UK just like us, occasionally we end up on the same bill, sometimes even on the same stage!”

Quirky, bouncy, irreverent, and fun, the trio made of Alex Johnstone, Benjamin Green and Benjamin Conibear brings that giddiness back into your life. A part that is often missing and seldom seen again, Pattern Pusher, helps us lean a bit more forward into taking care of ourselves.

At least just a bit more.



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