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PATTERN PUSHER’s Single ‘Shakey’, Makes Our Booties Stutter. In A Good Way.

‘Shakey’ is PATTERN PUSHER’s second single. And our booties shook and stuttered. In a good way. The fascinatingly funky/disco offering from the band never met our booties. But our booties were so delighted to show another angle of their personalities.

First, we got off of our desk positions, and stood. Then we put the volume to the song louder. Then we shook our shoulders, then our legs, then we quickly diverted to snapping our fingers while doing the sprinkler. Why? Don’t know. But as we looked very ridiculous doing our non-everyday task of moving our bodies, we enjoyed thoroughly the essence of what ‘Shakey’ offered.

The single follows their previous ‘Lose Myself’. The fun tact of PATTERN PUSHER’s direction in song construction moved another notch as it deliberately and succinctly devoured our sense of ‘seriousness’ and made our foreheads glisten with sweat.

PATTERN PUSHER is made up of Alex Johnstone, Benjamin Conibear and Ben Green.

And they have, as far as we know, promised their own selves that they will dedicated their lives to ‘achieving immersive music that breaks the boundaries between sight and sound’.

Big promises? Undoubtedly.

Ultimately deliverable? If ‘Shakey’ isn’t an indication of that coming true, nothing will be.



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