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Paul Bergmann – Coffee, Wine, Water, Tea

Paul Bergmann’s Coffee, Wine, Water, Tea’s utmost focus is to compare, observe, predict – suspending animation in reality and at the same time throwing up emotional professions, onto that hospital white wall.

And it’s a desperate move.

It’s the only move you’ve got left.

What else will you do?

Hand cuffed in a world of despair, one can stare at the things near, and describe them in sanguine perversions. Describe that fact and altercation of held beliefs. Are the things you love, what you Really love?

Are items you thought what they did, Really doing what they’ve professed to do?

Intentions cross paths with confusion, paralleling your doubts and suppositions.

I watch your every move, in my mind’s remembrance.
Just to tell myself, that it was all a dream.

I see your silhouette, on my living room wall.
Dancing and prancing, like we were alive.

I cry with regret, I cried.
Smiling radiance, sining me, eternal.

Bergmann’s music is folk, Americana, experimental, and all of it gives us the delight we want from music. His ambivalent vocals, spread false serenity in deep and mysterious coded lyrics.

And ‘Coffee, Wine, Water, Tea’ is in the same light.

It’s a joy to listen to.

Kudos, Paul. Kudos.



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