Paul Lynch ‘Ode’ : Fleeting and playful. Transporting the listener to where his mind diverts.

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch returns with the new single ‘Ode’. It is a song that entwines his unique story-telling style with creative folk approach and electro-indie production, transporting the listener to where his mind diverts. ‘Ode’ enters a dream like state using the backing vocal to create a musically interesting soundscape.”

Having travelled half the world, Indie-Folk artist Paul Lynch has returned to South eastern England to present his view of it. With his world/folk twist to conventional indie music, he has amassed streams and reviews the world over.

Charming and dramatic, the multi-genre challenge is of highest quality and vibes. Fleeting and playful, Paul’s personality brilliantly absorb your attention for his folk, pop, and operatic-rock delight.


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