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Paul Odir // Lights Out West // Bradley Arthur Maxwell // Coco Vanilla // Rusty Reid

Paul Odir – No More Days

Inspired by ‘the way music connects people’, PAUL ODIR, writes his songs with intent, no matter his environment. Importance of words is where his wellspring of vibes come from and he knows this. Paul pulls and pushes the boundaries that he’s familiar. But through his music, the consequences, are of him pushing and pulling, beyond the scope of his Universe. To an external eye, it vibes and feels like that. But Paul isn’t interested solely by this, for he’s a dedication experiment to his craft. Dream and bedroom, the shimmers rock on to their own beat. And that’s okay with Paul. It’s accepted. It’s nurtured. We’re glad he does.

Lights Out West – Cactus

LIGHTS OUT WEST is a three piece from Geelong and Bambra, Victoria Australia. The pressure of life runs off the shoulders of the trio. “The lyrics are drawn from a surf trip to Cactus Beach in South Australia,” stated vocalist, Jared Bailey, “admiring the unforgiving and beautiful landscape of the journey. Just like the feelings you get rolling with the punches on a road trip, there is an underlying groove to ‘Cactus’ that barrels on and a song you can dial into the wireless on any adventure.” With long notes and classic blues vibes, the rock n’ roll just keeps on tickin’ away with LOW. ‘Cactus’ is a feel good vibe. Drinks on us!

Bradley Arthur Maxwell – Easy On Me

You never had it hard, unless you have felt love. And it’s eventual demise. There’s nothing that crumbles your world apart when that space where all possibilities have disappeared. ‘Easy On Me’ is a beautiful acoustic driven ballad for all of those feelings to start to heal. Well, at least to us, anyway. The presiding rescue of this therapeutic single, just tickles your heart into believing once more. Once more of the love that was won, and the enthusiasm to go through the trials to get to that blissful place again. You’re back with the fervor deserving and deserved. The Los Angeles, CA based artist continues on. Will hear from him again.

Coco Vanilla – Weapons

Eric Erlandson and John Wolfington met. Before the purgatory of a Marc Jacobs fashion show, but the night before the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. It was an omen. A signal. Now, in 2019, the same political and cultural upheavals cycles back to the questions of weapons and policing of them. The hot climate is real. The prospect of war is always real. More deaths and destruction is inevitable. Will this cycle ever end? The answer, might be ‘NO’. COCO VANILLA heaves their heavyweight notes and hopes that’s not the case. We all do. The conscientious being of COCO VANILLA casts a vivid and understated tone. Get in with the vibe. You’ll dig.

Rusty Reid – Head to Heart

RUSTY REID is class. The beautifully sung single ‘Head To Heart’ is a classic ode to love and never letting go, even if that’s the right way to go. Stated Rusty: “Love – not just for a few things, but for everything – is the pathway.” A mix of Roy Orbison and George Harrison vibes, Rusty’s own delicate story telling is bold and unapologetic to the n’th degree. Vast and expansive, the words just meld seamlessly with Rusty’s song arrangement. It’s just love, about love… in love. Take the trip with Rusty’s brand of beauty.


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