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Paul Rosevear – Someday You’ll Be A Diamond

Paul Rosevear’s Someday You’ll Be A Diamond delectably counter exams the raw guitar, slash, live audio – right in one’s cheeks. It shouldn’t be enough to please, right? But it does- the incongruity and inconsistency of the production, is properly eclipsed by the lyrics and presentation. Simple as that.

The song slightly reminds me of the sensibilities of how Jeff Buckley. Most likely it’s due to the raspiness and direct protrusions of Rosevear’s vocal execution.

Far reach? Jeff Buckley??

Well, just for this particular song. Listen a bit and one can hear it. It’s faint (hidden near Rosevear’s slight ‘drawl’ accent he’d put in the song).

Anywho, it’s engaging, fun, ‘enlightening’ – good stuff in general.

His other songs are just a gel’ed amalgamation of folk’sy iterations of story telling – a welcomed respite from the clutter of the music universe.

We’re a fan, and we dig it. You should too.

Kudos, Paul. Kudos.



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