Paul Schmidt ‘Ravens’ : Grounded and exulting. A wonder in the most intimate.

Paul Schmidt

Berlin native Paul Schmidt is a singer-songwriter form whom poetic entrenchment of feelings in his notes, is beautifully demonstrated with ease.

Said Paul: “My grandmother suffers from advanced dementia; she becomes the protagonist of this song, which turned out to be my coping strategy with her disease.”

“Just like the nordic god Odin worries everyday that his ravens Huginn and Muninn (their names translate to ‘thought’ and ‘memory’), who fly out into the world daily and report back to him, might not return, so too does my grandmother hope that HER ravens, HER thought and memory will not leave her altogether.”

From heart to heart, the sincere longing for his grandmother’s suffering to heal, is immense and longing.

Through ‘Ravens’, a gardening of possibilities, flourish with intensity, as the love for another burns with truth and a wish.

Grounded and exulting, ‘Ravens’ is a wonder in the most intimate.

Currently, Paul is working on a range of new songs all due to be released in 2021.


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