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Paul Smith Shares ‘Silver Rabbit’. “Hypnotic, Diverse, Transitional, Eclectic…”

‘Silver Rabbit’ is hypnotic, diverse, transitional, eclectic, dynamic, and just a rock delight. PAUL SMITH, the front man for Maximo Park, put this new solo single for all to enjoy. And now we know, at least one (i.e. CHF) likes it.

It’s short, succinct.

It’s exciting, rapid.

Paul’s vocals and the way it has been mixed and presented, makes the song drive like the ‘hurricane’, when it knows it’s time on this Earth (as a whirling cyclone of dust and air) will soon dissipate. It knows it has a very limited number of minutes, hours as it exists.

So, it makes due. Due diligence that is. Among many things, it contacts all his siblings and family to notify them of important documents, then makes plans for the ‘ultimatum’.

Talks then to his girlfriend hurricane, and tells her goodbye, and that he loves her.

They have their last intimate night together.

‘Silver Rabbit’ is not about ‘hurricanes’ and their ‘short lives’. It’s nothing of the sort. But it sure feels right, if it did.

PAUL SMITH’s on a high these days. His band’s 2017 release ‘Rist To Exist’ did fabulously in the charts, then his solo thing is taking off (from radio to journalists).

‘Silver Rabbit’ is off of his latest solo album ‘Diagrams’. Politics, literature, music – that’s what Paul’s solo work seems to want to dive into. And we love that he does.




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