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Pavlove // Aztek // Allan Rayman // Remington super 60 // Sunny from the Moon

Pavlove – Cheapskate

PAVLOVE is a Belgium based indie-band with love and fun inside their music. In the doo-wop pop aesthetic single ‘Cheapskate’, you feel that immediately. “The video was recorded in a filmstudio, because we were inspired by the legendary Top of the Pops-performances from the 70s and 80s. You know, those overly fake, playbacked versions whom bands like The Cure and Blondie would perform on the telly (without actually wanting to do it, but management told them it was good promo).” Charming, fun, song about love and its pitfalls – ‘Cheapskate’ is a reminder of things that we can move on from. While dancing and bopping to ‘Cheapskate’ of course.

Aztek – Darkest Hour

Catchy licks and fuzz capture your senses with outstanding performances in evocative renditions placed clearly for the listener to feel. ‘Darkest Hour’ is the first single from AZTEK’s upcoming EP, to be released later in the year. The sensations from this single signals the change in breadth and width of how a song can be procured and summoned. The vast collection deviates none in the song, as it penetrates in absolute perfection. See AZTEK next at fairbar on August 15th, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Allan Rayman – Stitch

Toronto-based singer/songwriter ALLAN RAYMAN is an anomaly. The good kind mind you. We’d called him for his single ‘Poison’: “Allan packs ’em in with his love of his craft, and his perpetual love for what it does to him and his audience.” There’s a reason why his fans and new listeners love his variety and eclipsing vibes that he creates with his songs. And proof is in the pudding as the views and listens just cascade in. His tour dates are done, but for 2020, we can’t wait to hear more from this dynamic artist.

Remington super 60 – The highway again

This fall, their new EP should drop. And that’s a good thing, as the trio of Christoffer Schou, Magnus Abelsen, and Elisabeth T. makes it hard not to delve deeply into the vibe of this 60’s love song ‘The Highway Again’. Fixtured with glamorous vocal harmonies, dexterous guitar chords, and sumptuous lyrics, the band does its best to make us vibe in feelz and longing for the love that may or may not have existed in our lives. The band which was formed in 1998, feels right at home as they deliver new and exciting new songs that hit our hearts.

Sunny from the Moon – Feels So Good

SUNNY FROM THE MOON is a band that will quench your pop needs with the right balance of funk and EDM flavors. Think of 90’s house, girl-group, and synth-pop, then you have something like SUNNY FROM THE MOON. The Russia based outfit is dynamic, creative and worldly. Vibrant and bubbly, and just a feel-good kind of band, being ‘positive’ is a core strand through the works of the band. Alexandra stated: “This is my first rap experience in the song, I always wanted to try something like that, old school 1980-Fresh Prince-MC Hummer like groove. And there it is, hope you’re going to like it as much as I do” says Sunny the soloist of the band. The video was filmed in one take in Moscow subway. So, turn your sound on, put your old school jumpsuit on and let’s dance it out!” Told ya. Positivity.


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