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PCM // Wandour // Seabiscuit // Dov1 // Christopher Willits

PCM – Ma

Fluidity is of essence in all our lives. Small or large, we depend on momentum of being and being part of this grand scheme of things. Made up of Francesco Perra (P), Matteo Cantaluppi (C), and Matteo Milea (M), the select number of notes in their non-album single ‘Ma’, depicts that all encompassing nuance to our visions of thought and tethered consequences. The consciousness, realizing its passions and irrevocable fallibilities.

Wandour – Distance

WANDOUR’s ‘Distance’ is ‘inspired by urban facades and industrial night lights’. Awakened by a sudden jolt, it is the moment of clarity, before trying to fall back to sleep. The gray and the dawn mingle in a vat of consciousness and future delights. Subconscious and hypnotic, WANDOUR’s vocal instrumentations, underpin a diabolical and subliminal reverence for the kind, the undeniable, and the passionate recklessness we all instill.

Seabiscuit – String Rush

Rousingly emphatic, this industrial vision traverses rock and electronica with a lazer like precision. Organic sounds, deceive you with electronic waves, selectively breeding emotions of light and dark within your soul. The Gothenburg based SEABISCUIT lives in a world of its own. A world that is strange and ominous indeed. The audio waves pull like an undertow, gripping and clawing, ever so intoxicating. You might want to stay. Their debut album drops August 15th.

Dov1 – Your Special Day

‘Your Special Day’ is Dov1’s ‘softer’ side of music that dips and pops with gurgling extravagance and papyrus like luxury. His new EP is ‘based around one sonic template, that evolves into different interpretations, starting with some emotional melodies’. Tripping through a vast wilderness of wonder, ‘Your Special Day’ is all that is good, and all that is subliminal – combining in a soup of musical knowledge and palpable smiles of acceptance. A great start to invigoration.

Christopher Willits – Pacific 1

Christopher Willits is and artist, musician, and a guitarist. Ambience is his choice of audible vision, an in his artistry, he tries to express how he savors the decadent taste of the experiences he has in through his environments. Extensive and dynamic, Christopher continues his fascinating journey though this industry with works that extend from the early 2000s, with elegance and beauty. Collaborations with artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and productions with Tycho are some of the paths his creativity demanded through the years. In ‘Pacific 1’ he radiates once more with absolution, and unrestrained alchemy.


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