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PCM – Durch

From their debut album ‘Attraverso’ come the visulas for ‘Durch’. PCM is an Milano based electronic trio featuring guitarist Perry Frank and producer Matteo Cantaluppi as well as engineer Matteo Melia. The trio’s influences range from clear ambient sounds typical of artists like Brian Eno, Fennesz, and Basinski, to darkest and rawest sounds of Tangerine Dream, Popul Vuh, and even Pink Floyd, reaching the common imaginary ground of the movie director Andrej Tarkovskij and the works of Lucio Fontana and Anselm Kiefer. From dust to dust, there’s a gap of light and space. And on that spacial protuberance, there lie the sights and habits of the longing dimension. A dimension where cauldrons of masochism, bubble and bubble – self anointing-ly obscure, but dipped in ultimate ire for the glorious reality of it all. ‘Attraverso’ is out now.

Wide Waters – Daylight on Haven’s Cove

The band is Justin Krass (Piano), Sam Stauff (Guitar), Phil Anthony (Bass) and John Venezia (Drums). Stemming from Justin and Sam making music with Wess Meets West and steering away from post-rock towards ambient, subdued new-wave classical music, exploring textures in a minimalistic soundscape incorporating moments of rock and opera. And how apropos the layering of sugary plots are on this majestic canvas of charming innuendoes, spread apart by stories of love, that was and maybe not. Clamoring for the rope that can be the savior – to climb up over the rainbow – in trusting demeanor, you sweat with hope and honor, that thing can be alright, once more. Off of their LP ‘Among The Pines’, systematic emotions, collapse in a heap of understanding and reverence, for – that which we have no more control over, than our biological existence. Let’s flow with the waves.

Ivory Weeds – 13

A concept album about our romantic hopes and dreams, and how we veil people and places under those projections, ’13’ is part of that journey and thought exercise. Ivory Weeds’ John Chriest, and growing up in the forests outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, he has built his love for open spaces and calm sounds. A dedicated mixologist for vibes and emotive musical concept blocks, his song ’13’ soars with minimal effort, and maximal affect. “I am a Brooklyn based musician,” said John. “I have a tour in the works for either November or December of this year from Brooklyn to LA. When I get to the other side of the country I plan to record my next album with a friend of mine.” Looking forward.

Haquin x Mettakin – Tonkori

From the collaborative EP ‘Sanreizan’, Haquin delves into a mutual inspection of thought and sound in ‘Tonkori’. The EP “which features Japanese influenced beats, sprinkled with live studio recordings from an array of talented musicians”, bring both regionally specific tastes to sound accentuation, as Haquin and Mettakin deliver on the promise of tranquility and summation for how we can vibe. The two artists’ unique production styles are brought together in the EP’s penultimate track ‘Tonkori’, which makes use of meticulously selected oriental samples blended with live piano recordings. Nicolas Haquin (Haquin) is a passionate 21 year old music producer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and composer. MettaKin is a music producer / DJ who has been creating music for the past 12 years, making anything from gabber, breakcore and goa to reggae dub, ambient downtempo and glitch-hop.

Sour Patch Boys – Elements

“Inspired by the electric energy of classic video games and arcade racers, ‘Elements’ is a song best fit for a cassette on a night drive through the city. The upbeat and electric vibe of Elements is a tip of the hat towards the victories of classic 80’s underdog stories that we all know and enjoy.” A journey of discover starts, in ernest, with this single. It’s how synth-wave driven retro-wave should harken back to the past, to conquer such futures that derive from the soul. A sole directive of man meeting machine, in a virtual state of audible eccentricities – divulge the full potential of what it might be in this vast land of skyscrapers and shining monuments to the current rule of philosophy. A hero emerges to fight, the fight, with granted images of solitude for man, woman, and the environment that we reside in trust. A journey continues with absolute vision. See what this song does to us?? Let’s go.

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