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Peak Park Shares ‘Skin’. “Agony in love. Out of sanity.”

Thomas Hoeft, Mitchell Summers, and Callum Lausberg are PEAK PARK. And in the single ‘Skin’, they offer up some tantalizingly masochistic thrust for the darkness that roams, in contrast the light of gray.

with peak of chord picks, gently wafting – judging – the call for the intentional and outlandish, the song radiates with golden views of the personal.

Slow and pessimistic vocals, start to break away from the ice fill arctic of emotions, as the protagonist quivers with more confidence. Each step forward in the song, changes into slow and purposeful delight. One, becomes two. Two, becomes four. Four, becomes an infinite progress in self delusion, having an outer body experience.

The band is from South East suburbs of Melbourne, and casts immediately an intricately understated, decapitation of what alt can be. It’s a subtle addition and change of the zeitgeist, and the revealing plethora of renditions, hit you like gentle one-million year’s worth of ocean beach waves.

Gut wrenching.

Devoid of breath.

The feeling of being ‘over’, is earth shattering.

‘Skin’ depicts that with artful, fullness.

Beautiful song from the talented trio.



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