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Pear Moth Shares ‘Open Smile’. “We Funk And Roll Around Like You Do With That Jolly Rancher.”

PEAR MOTH is a band consisting of three musicians (Jacob Sunshine, Phil McNeal, and Spencer Horstman) who represent the freshest of produced elements, tastefully linked to funk, and thrown out to the world for consumption so that we can absorb the ‘worldliness’ of their musical outputs. That just means that they know what to do with the instrument they’d been born with, and know how to entertain to a wide audience.

In ‘Open Smile’, we funk and roll around like you do with that Jolly Ranchers inside your blue tongued mouth. Delicious, and oh so brief, you take another one and replay that rhythm you miss, over and over.

When you comb over their past singles, the band is multi-talented and publishes some fantastic singles that are on the cusp of ‘world music’.

You know, the kind that is so Universally acceptable and cool at the same time.

You know, the kind of music that fits any kind of mood you’re in at the particular time.

You know, that kind of music that balances between unique and every essence of the word, ‘pop’.

It isn’t easy to do. But surely, the gang in PEAR MOTH does it with spades – undulating, and decadently placed, the notes hinder our daily thought processes – requiring the ever growing sense of right and wrong, into “What a song!”

PEAR MOTH started it’s evolution when they joined forces in 2016. The Brooklyn based project is ‘one’, and ‘all’.

It’s just good stuff, tis all. And we recommend you get some too.

Enjoy your blue tongue!



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