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Pearl Charles – Sleepless Dreamer

Float, float away – you said to him. Fly, fly away – he said to her. Pearl Charles’ Sleepless Dreamer is a conversation within oneself, to the significant other, running out in the dusk – driving across country – wind in one’s hair.

What Sleepless Dreamer is saying to us makes us blush.


It’s a dream pop song that we dig. Second, it’s the song that we’d be proud to put on in the car.

And being that the roots of this song is pop, but we think it touches on new-country, as well.

We got hit – one, two – by pop and country, in one song – and we dug that!

The song is delicious and sucks the saliva out, like sour candy can do when in our mouths. The savoriness, the tartness, the unobtrusiveness of the pop-ness is fabulous.

Thoroughly enjoyed the song? Yes.

Did we skip around the office like a little girl? Yes.

Did we feel the ‘nothing can touch us’ attitude, for a while? Yes.

Pearl, kudos. It’s not everyday we skip around and feel like the sun-rays are warming up our skin, in a dark office.


Well, Pearl Charles is awesomely popular and spreading her musical whims – one territory at a time.

She’s rep’ed by Kanine Records in NYC.



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