Pearly Drops ‘Breathless’ : Releasing endorphins for haste and wonderment for examination.

Pearly Drops

Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin makes Pearly Drops take form. From stage to studio, the synth driven angst of anti-angsts, deliver with beautifully warm encounters of wisp and nostalgia.

Said the duo: “It’s hard to breathe in this climate, but on ‘Breathless’ Pearly Drops unveil their more playful side. Sonically the song flows somewhere safe with an upbeat blissfulness, yet lyrically ‘Breathless’ targets your lizard brain rather depicting the state of fight-or-flight response – resulting in a kind of catharsis.”

Resident witness to a murder of normality and the calm, the duo dictates with subtle sonic glamor, reflecting from the gainful shimmer of Sandra’s vocals, releasing endorphins for haste and wonderment for examination.

Upcoming debut to come.

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