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PEDRICK, Rachel Ana Dobken, Emilie Khan, Sophia Danai, Anthony Hüseyin

PEDRICK – All I Can Think About

Wonderfully esoteric band PEDRICK salts our inhibitions and crops the fascinations in love, angst, longing, and ultimate victory. Twin brothers Theo Pedrick, Bertie Pedrick, make mince-eat out of us with ‘All I Can Think About’ drilling down to dramatic harmonies and cinematically embeded terrains. The pop-alt-rcl duo’s 1st of three singles form the EP release. The results do speak for themselves.

Rachel Ana Dobken – Taking My Time

Asbury Park New Jersey’s own indie-soul songstress RACHEL ANA DOBKEN breaks open the un-earthly lyrics and aesthetics in her single ‘Taking My Time’. The dub-skipping tantric rhythms of the single brings the motivation for the listener to dig a little deeper into their emotions. Or was this just an anthem for a promise to others to ‘get out of the way’? We think it’s the former. And why not? Rachel keeps it firmly rooted, and in her brand new album ‘Taking My Time’ she keeps the solace for the better, running on full high.

Emilie Khan – Island

EMILIE KAHN’s newest single ‘Island’ is pop ‘drawn on a napkin, and kissed with the red lipstick’ of love’s forgotten patronage. It flitters and flickers into another existence with ‘Island’. Emilie’s vocal uniqueness only keeps on strengthening the story telling, and beckons your senses to stay, and hold on tight. Her sophomore album ‘Outro’, due to release February 22nd, 2019. The artist captivates in her first video and single from the new album. “I think as women we are often made to feel like we should be in competition with each other, something I’ve always felt in the music industry…”

Sophia Danai – WYIL

“It is a letter of compassion for those who are feeling isolated and alone in love,” said SOPHIA DANAI. “Sometimes we just love people; even when we shouldn’t, even when all the red flags are showing up. Unfortunately, for many people, this is how we learn. I was mistreating myself before I ended up in a relationship where I was mistreated… The only way I have healed is by forgiving and accepting that we were only doing the best with what we had.” Sophia’s will and strength in conviction comes through in spades in this diary of events and affects. ‘WYIL’ is the 3rd single from her upcoming EP ‘Real Lies’, due March 2019.

Anthony Hüseyin – I`m Falling In Love

The intrepid new-wave presentation of his newest ANTONY HUSEYIN’s single ‘I’m Falling In Love’ prepares everyone of each generation of loves that we imagined and, more than not, come very close to bliss. Our fantasies of idealism, relegates our self truths to be unfairly put to one side of the aisle. The warm and empathetic voice of Anthony, traveerses boundaries from individuals, known and strange. And with it, the license to carry on, accepting that we are fallible, but at the same time, we learn to cope and be a better soul for it. The new 8 song album ‘The Lucky One’ is available now.


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