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Pegasuses Shares Their Beautiful Folk Single ‘Follow Him Down’. Fall In Love. Fall Within.

Pegasuses consists of duo, Laura Lamb and Dave Miatt. And their brand of folk, is what we dig a lot at our office. It’s so refreshing, whenever music like this is turned on for consumption. And their single ‘Follow Him Down’ is what we love particularly about the duo. The acoustic rendition (recorded live) dabbles successfully from the world of folk with demure elegance and sultry excellence.

The duo’s harmonies brings out the ‘child’ out in us. For, in the fathoms of the song is a ‘rule’ and ‘lessons’ lent out to the ‘child’ in the hearts of most of us. Living is what we do in the real world – adults, responsibilities, heartaches, and small victories.

But when we adults TRUELY LIVE, we live as children.

We think ‘Follow Him Down’ is a perfect accent to that gift of what could be in our lives.

Thinking big.

But stepping in small packets.

We swallow the world in consumable parts.

“Don’t forget to chew,” she suggested.

‘The flyover’ session EP was recorded live in the studio at Totton College by Andy Harris and mixed and mastered by Barny Lanman in Fitchburg, US


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