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PEKOE CAT Shares ‘Door Knockers’. “That Certain-Uncertainty Of Life.”

PEKOE CAT is Kyle Woolven. And Kyle, through Pekoe Cat, has successfully pinched that entertainment nerve in our psyche, where the sequential barriers through this vast wasteland of space has blossomed a ‘bright spot’ of consciousness. That being ‘Door Knockers’, the single that has a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but a whole lot of ‘awesomeness in the trunk’.

You can call him ‘experimental’ if that’s your fancy. But his output, including ‘Door Knockers’ is a fluid, exciting, repeatable, and most of all, weaves a rainbow of sonic colors that is crystal, and shimmering to your delight.

“Pekoe Cat is the biggest thing to come out of Belleville, Ontario,” Kyle opined.

“My recording process is a little different for a few reasons. I record in my basement through a couple of mics and a Tascam US-1641 audio interface that doesn’t even belong to me. It’s actually owned by my brother Sean, who (by the way) is the guitarist for indie rockers The Most Serene Republic. I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.”

‘Door Knockers’ features keys (at the 1:15 mark) that remind us of some classics from the mega-band RUSH. The ‘weight’ and ‘credibility’ is anchored by this arrangement, making it feel like a song from either ‘Power Windows’ or ‘Signals’. But then Kyle reels it back to now and current reality – helping you fall in love with the thought in desperation; that infatuation in biological aptitudes – that certain-uncertainty of life. Then the single progresses, so delicately and confidently, with the lyrics always in line, building and building – to a quiet place of Kyle’s heart.

From what we know of Kyle (which is very little at the moment), he looks like he doesn’t take himself very seriously. However, like any ambitious individual, he takes his craft of music/song construction very much so.

Listen to his ‘collection’ of songs in ‘Unreleased’, and his output quality is apparent.

Looking forward to more from Kyle, for sure.



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