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Pema Shares Effervescent Pop Single ‘Cry’. Then Begins To Make Us Giddy With Joy.

Slowly take our hands, hold it against your heart. Your chest bumps, jumps, and we hold each other. It’s nothing real. Is it real? You tell me. And Pema wants to tell us. She does. Dig deeper. It’s right next to your face. With ‘Cry’, the latest single from her upcoming sophomore album ‘Bad Habits’, the world is brightened by the opening of the clouds. Dark and foreboding, but not anymore – the blue skies say hello – you say hi. Shake hands and smile. Can’t help it.

New album drops May 18th.

Ever wanted to go and have the best time of your life, in a bar, singing in the mic? Ever dream of that scenario, then sing to your heart’s content, with beads of sweat from you brow, tickling your skin, rummaging down your crows feet, tantalizing and possibly salty. But you go on. Because Pema tells you so. Her song tells your nerves to swing, left and right, repeatedly, in sequence – for the beats are there. The beats are fun.

The music is so very entertaining.

Pema, as she’s done prior, has successfully put modern 80’s neon pop, and brings it to our attention in a new and entertaining way.

And we dig her efforts.

Buy [HERE]

Pema is rep’ed by Topshelf Records / Art is Hard Records.



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