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Penelope // MindMassage // Monica Martin // Jano Banks // Westover

Penelope – Dreamer

Born in the Big Apple, Penelope brings all the charm of what you’d like in an artist. With delicious folk vibes, intertwined collectively and neatly into the pop-tinged songwriting, she is a flag bearer to drive us to the promised land of joy and possibly love. Penelope is currently working on her debut album, slated for an early 2019 release.

MindMassage – Shivers

“Hypnotherapy and guided meditations are often combined with music – whether its to feel calm, focused or to assist in suspending thoughts, just for a while…” states MindMassage. “The concept behind Mindmassage music is to integrate the two, in a purposeful manner, to allow listeners to get fully in tune with their senses and body, by uniting mindfulness with funky jams, hypnotic harmonies, groovy melodies and catchy beats.” Can’t say more than that, tbh. Kudos.

Monica Martin – Thoughtless

Monica says “So many of us remain floundering idiots, drowning in a sea of golden rules, pearls of wisdom and blue-ribbon lifestyle recipes. The best I can do (so far!) is share the feedback loop that results from me trying yet again to apply any of it. ‘Thoughtless’ is a stream of consciousness of receiving wisdom and panic-laughing my way through actually applying it.” Don’t you just love her attitude and vibe? We sure do. And as she keeps on producing quirky and delicious tunes like ‘Thoughtless’, we’ll be seeking her work out, ad infinitum.

Jano Banks – Lose It

Of love and lust. Of hearts clicking and not. It’s a part of that thing called life. In ‘Lose It’ JANO BANKS keeps the engines of love churning, with the slow dance of the biggest of consequences. A dance of song, that isn’t about dancing. And how is that significant? It’s the terms of love – nay, a beckoning of a lover-boy knowing who he wants. She turns away for a moment, in heart and in physical form. But with a song like this, will she turn away permanently? Here’s looking at you, kid.

Westover – Love Me

Gentle sweeps of chilled blues drape over the single ‘Love Me’. What do we all want from this world of ours? Love. At the end of it all. Whether temporary or permanent, we all want some kind of love. The love that can ignite ideas, mend hearts, and decide on huge life decisions. Science? Nope. But would it be the same if so? We’ll never know. All we have is what we know in this Universe, among our human-kind. Isn’t that good enough? Westover hints at that, and then some in this charming single. The Tennessee based pop artist says he lives there and loves that he makes songs like this with his friends. Awww. Told ya. Charming.


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