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Penelope Shares Single ‘Catch Me When I Fall’. “I’m here. Now. Awake.”

“Where are you when I need you?”

“Where are you when I need you the most?”

“You get lost, or the dog bit you at the local shop; excuses, excuses, excuses – which tear me apart, at the base of the building, brick by brick.”

“Why can’t I trust you anymore?”

“will you redeem yourself?”

“Where are you when I need you?”

“I’m here. Now. Awake.”

PENELOPE is a 21 year old singer / songwriter who dips her toes in the the most attractive aspects of past artists like Natalie Merchant and Michelle Branch. The maturity her vocals demonstrates is significant and the songwriting abilities by her is too beautiful to see expressed.

The emotional descriptions of ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ is worth the price of admission. And the NYC native, who is attending school at Stanford in her undergraduate studies, is well on her way to becoming very popular with her music. The honesty and the method of delivery is clear cut and easy to be affectionate towards.

At eh end of 2018 her follow up EP ‘Dreamer’ is planned to be dropped for the masses.

Let’s see where she can go from here.




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