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Penthouse Boys – Can U Feel It?

Take a look at any 90’s teen come of age movie, and there, you can find the essence of Penthouse Boys’ Can U Feel It. That’s the primal urge, the sexual tensions, the 90’s naiveté – to the maximum.

The NYC duo tell it like this: “Ryan and Patrick Penthouse lay down their deepest desires and fantasies, as being part of New York City’s elite, over their own brand of sparkling synth pop. Ryan possesses a deft ear for arrangement, with a trove of vintage equipment at his disposal; Patrick offers a clear conceptualization of what the project’s narrative is, coming together for not just a complete sound, but image as well.”

The image is complete and the completed picture is presented and disseminated. That’s what they are, that’s what they live.

Well, at least that’s the story.

We tend to go with: “New York City in the summer becomes a different place: the pavement’s sticky, afternoons are everlasting, and boys grow bored.”

Yes. Boys DO ‘grow bored’.

And sometimes, boredom makes for great bedfellows – in that quest for musical awesome-ness.

We think the duo has done it the way they wanted to in their EP ‘New In Town’. And ‘Can U Feel It’ is the flirtacious echo, to that beautiful girl in the corner, wearing the 90’s shoulder padded dress.

It’s a fab thing.

Oh, yea.

Elevation to a place as prestigious as the penthouse is now possible with their debut EP, New In Town.

Above the microwave choked summer of New York City, the duo watches the people exist down on the streets like ants. Drinking the champagne they imported yesterday, they absorb that heat, next to the in ground pool.

The pool is full of high haired beauties.

And it’s go time.

Let’s go.

Kudos, Patrick / Ryan. Kudos.



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