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PEOPLE MUSEUM Shares ‘Bible Belt’. “Pull That Curtain Away. Real In Light, For The Future.”

Contrasts. And what drives them to survive and often thrive, even when it goes against all that is true – fact. ‘Bible Belt’ is a single that helps to pull that hand towards the first inkling in the mechanics of revealing the ambiguousness of many things. Including the church.

“Loss of innocence can come very quickly when you are given the chance to see the politics behind the curtain of a organization. That happened for me with the church, and I saw many beautiful things but also many contradictions with what people said and what they really did. “Bible Belt” came from a realization that I was still so much like these religious people in power that I grew up around and criticized, and I had become just as contradictory in many aspects of my own life and needed to find a way out.”

But the story of the church and like-minded organizations is a story about the make-up of us humans. As a species, thinking beings – as evolved animals of the natural kingdom.

We’re complex, thoughtless, cruel, and contrasting.

We’re simple, caring, engaging, and sartorial in emotions.

Claire Givens and Jeremy Phipps make up this fab project, and in ‘Bible Belt’ the recognition of what CAN make us human, starts the conversation. It’s what’s need in trying to progress in civil and social discourse. It’s where we start to try to look at our shortcomings, then try to heal.

Will this ever be? In pockets, for sure. Let’s keep our heads high, and keep going forward.

Claire and Jeremy would agree, we’re sure.

Dig this extravaganza of a single. It’s rare, it’s beautiful, and it needs to be in your rotation.

They will play @ GASA GASA in New Orleans on September 6th.



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