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Percy Falls Shares Beautiful ‘Miss You’. Nothing can defeat you. You know so.

Love songs. We love them. Especially in a folk music form. And in Percy Falls’ single ‘Miss You’, we fall in love with the emblematic soul that we are talking, singing about. It’s that look she gives you. It’s that hug he gives you. It’s that lasting and longing touch from her essence.

These sustain our BEING.

The ethereal, un-testable electricity that exists. Sometimes to couple our suspect inklings. Sometimes to support what we long to support.

It’s that drink of water from that desert ride, we sometimes need.

It’s that nurturing, beautiful gaze from her blue/green doe eyes.

You fall down, in such love, such warmth.

Nothing can defeat you. You know so.

Although we don’t know much about Percy Falls, we know how much we like their music/song writing. It’s what folk-pop can be, and facilitate. It enamors one’s selfish souls to ingratiate and preserve such sentimental a subject as ‘love’. It’s classic, especially with the vocals and the melodic progressions.

Our hope is to know more about the duo. Let’s make that happen, together.


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